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tape DYMO S0718070
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DYMO S0718070 (16960)

tape black on white
19 mm x 5.5 m, polyester D1 tape
further versions
12 mm
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When you want labels to stay put indefinitely, reach for our permanent-adhesive tapes. They provide you with a label that's so strong, it's actually hard to remove. Ideal for any environment, we promise you'll be "stuck" on them.

Looks the same as standard tape but offers a powerful permanent adhesive for when you want a label to stay put indefinitely.

Compatible with LabelManager-, LabelPoint- and LabelWriter DUO-labelprinters.
These supplies are suitable for the following DYMO printers 420P / 360D / 450D / LabelPoint 350 / PC2 / 500TS