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HP Photosmart B110

Photosmart B110

The HP Photosmart B110 is a multifunctional device comprised of an ink-jet printer, copier and scanner that can be operated with any connection with a PC. Thanks to the various memory card slots and ePrint technology, it is possible to print directly from a mobile telephone, a camera or the internet. Furthermore, the Hewlett-Packard device has an integrated email address with which print orders can be processed.

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Gross prices in bold type include VAT. Ranges are given by the manufacturer with approx. 5% coverage on DIN A4

The HP Photosmart B110 - an internet-capable multifunctional printer 

The HP Photosmart B110 can either be connected to a local computer via USB cable or wirelessly integrated into an existing network via Wi-Fi. It is possible to switch between the two connection methods while in an idle state. The printer requires a space with a 45cm width. The height of the device is 20cm. Access to the internet with a PC is established via a 6.1cm colour display and with the help of special HP Print apps. When operating on the network, it is only possible for authorised users to access the printer for security reasons. Authorisation can be permanent, for a specific timeframe, or for a printing volume determined in advance. In addition to office paper up to the DIN-A4 format, the HP Photosmart B110 can also use letter envelopes up to the C5 format and photo paper. In addition to all DIN-standardized paper formats, the most important Japanese and US paper and envelope formats are supported, as are special photo formats. The printer is capable of borderless printing, allowing it to print photos on photo paper. This must be specially configured prior to printing. The printing resolution is 4800 dpi, scanning resolution is up to 1200 x 2400 dpi.

Supplying the HP Photosmart B110 with ink 

The ink cartridges can only be replaced if the printer is on. Once the access panel has been opened, the cartridge holder automatically moves to a more central position. Here, the used ink cartridges are removed from their holder and replaced with new ink. Before being inserted, the protective strips and the orange cover must be removed from the new cartridge. The cartridge holder automatically returns to its idle position once the access panel has been closed.