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HP Photosmart B110a

Photosmart B110a

The HP Photosmart B110a numbers amongst the printers that can function wirelessly, without a connected PC. The printer can be connected via Wi-Fi over via a standard USB 2.0 cable. With a size of 45 x 56 x 10 cm (W x D x H) and a weight of 6kg, the printer doesn’t even need much space.

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Gross prices in bold type include VAT. Ranges are given by the manufacturer with approx. 5% coverage on DIN A4

The HP Photosmart B110a 

The primary benefit of this printer is its diverse applicability. Thanks to the integration into the Wi-Fi network at home and the new features from HP – such as printing per email – the HP Photosmart B110a can directly respond to and be used by any end device. The printer has a unique email address from the factory. It is thus possible to send print orders to this email address from anywhere in the world, thereby initiating the printing process. In order to protect users, fixed users and print contingents can be assigned so that misuse of the printer is precluded. The HP Photosmart B110a has a 6.1-inch (15.5cm) touch display and slots for standard memory cards. The DIN A4 paper format can be used to print with this printer. Printing speeds of up to 32 black & white pages and 28 colour pages per minute are possible. The printing resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi, while the scanning resolution is 1200 x 2400 dpi.

Replacing ink in the HP Photosmart B110a 

The ink level can be determined via the printer display and using the corresponding printer software. To replace the ink cartridge, the upper cover for the printer cartridge supply is opened while the printer is turned on. The cartridge holder then moves to the middle of the printer to make it easy to access the cartridges. The empty cartridge can be removed by pressing on the lock. Then insert the new cartridge. Once the cover has been closed the cartridge holder returns to its original position and the printing can commence with the new ink.