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HP ColorLaserJet CP1215

ColorLaserJet CP1215

The HP ColorLaserJet CP1215 is a colour laser printer for ISO A4 format paper. Thanks to its compact size, this printer is perfect for private use or use in a small office. The printer utilizes four separate, individual toner cartridges.

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The HP ColorLaserJet CP1215: a compact all-rounder

The colour laser printer HP ColorLaserJet CP1215 measures 45.3 cm x 25.4 cm x 39.9 cm (L x H x W), making it easy to place it almost anywhere. The printer weights 18 kilograms. The device is capable of producing 12 pages per minute in black & white and 8 ppm in colour, which is more than sufficient for small offices. The printer emits 47 decibels of environmental noise when in use. When in idle mode, no noise is produced. The printer uses 290 Watts when in use and only 12 Watts in idle mode. With a print resolution of 600 dpi, the HP ColorLaserJet CP1215 isn't just your standard office printer. The device can produce quality photo prints as well. In contrast to ink jet printers, colour laser printers have a distinct edge, as the prints themselves do not discolour as easily. Also, there is no time wasted waiting for ink to dry. In addition to normal copy paper, the HP ColorLaserJet CP1215 can process special photo paper and envelopes. The device supports all common paper sizes from ISO A4 to 10 x 15 cm photo paper.

Changing the toner of the HP ColorLaserJet CP1215

Just a few quick steps are required to change the toner cartridges of the HP ColorLaserJet CP1215. Simply open the device's front panel to remove the cartridges using the small lever. Remove the protective film from the new cartridge and click it in to place. Finally, close the front panel to complete the process.