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    Samsung Toner and Ink

    From its inception as a small export business in Daegu, Korea in 1938, Samsung...

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    Since introducing laser and inkjet printers to the consumer market in 1984,...

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      Based in Kyoto, Japan, the multi-billion Kyocera Corporation is one of...

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    Although best known for their cameras and camcorders, Canon also has a strong...

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    Ever since 1968, when it developed the EP-101, the world’s first digital...

  • Brother

    Established in 1908, the company started out as a sewing machine company, but...

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    Founded in Japan in 1881, The Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the...

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    Based in Kentucky, USA, Lexmark is a brand that is synonymous with the high...


Citizen Cartridges

Citizen made a wide range of printers which started with their desktop dot matrix models, although their main products are now point of sale devices and kiosk printers. The running cost of a Citizen printer has always been relatively low. The Swift model was considered an office workhorse because of this as well as its […]

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Sharp printers and toner

Founded in 1912, the name Sharp was derived from one of the company’s first inventions, the world’s first mechanical retractable pencil, called “Ever Sharp Pencil”. Some of the technological breakthroughs Sharp became famous for include the world’s first portable electronic desk calculator “Compet” in 1964 and the first colour-capable facsimile in the world in 1990. […]

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Seiko Printer Products

The Seiko Epson Corporation is the modern name of the company whose origins began with Shinshu Seiki Co. (a company started to make parts for watches). Selected as the official timekeeper for the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, a printing solution was needed and was successfully developed in 1968. After successfully taking a large market […]

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Toshiba Printer Products

The company has a long history, leading back to humble beginnings when Tanaka Engineering Works was formed in 1875 and soon became a leader in telegraph technology in Japan. In 1939, it merged with Tokyo Electric Company to become the Toshiba Corporation. Toshiba can be credited with some amazing advances including MRI, hard drives, laptops […]

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Texas Instruments Printer Toner

Modern-day printers feature a range of appearances and uses. Regardless of how big an investment you make, making sure you see the expected return is always foremost in your mind. This is essential particularly if you are acquiring a printer wanting to experience performance such as printing quality and velocity besides other positive features. As […]

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Siemens Cartridges

Siemens made a large number of fax machines and printer products that were designed for use in busy office environments. The range utilised a number of different print methods from thermal transfer through to ribbon cartridges. Some of the models have been discontinued for a number of years, but thanks to the quality in the […]

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Olympia Printer Products

Olympia is a German company and was founded at the turn of the 20th century and was a popular brand in the early days of innovation, developing the first electronic typewriter, adding machine and teletext. Since those days, Olympia has excelled in many areas, establishing an office in Hong Kong in 1966 and successfully selling […]

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Panasonic Printer Products

Panasonic is a name that is globally recognized as a provider of quality products relating to home entertainment, consumer technology, office equipment such as printers, fax machines, telephones and much more. Today, Panasonic is the fifth largest manufacturer of television sets in the world. In 2009, the company bought Sanyo, becoming one of the largest […]

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SAGEM Printer Products

Marcel Môme started the company in 1925 and concentrated on mechanical products but a request from the French Ministry in 1942 was to lead the company in a new direction and result in the telex printer – a new communication method. Over the years the company has diversified into many industries and excelled in them […]

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Schneider Printer Products

Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG is a company that went bankrupt in 2002, being purchased by TCL Corporation. It is most famous for its collaboration with Amstrad in the early 1980s. Both companies were famous for their budget audio products, speakers etc. However, Amstrad developed a number of entry-level computers and Schneider was selected to supply cost […]

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