Brother hl

Printers from Brother with the letters HL in the product name generally identify all laser printers from the manufacturer. Furthermore, the colour LED printers, which are similar to the laser printer in terms of design, are also included.

The product groups of the Brother HL series

The following laser printer product groups belong to the Brother HL series:

  • Black & white workplace printers (HL-2..., HL-53...)
  • Colour LED workplace printers (HL-3...)
  • Black & white work group printers (HL-4...)
  • Colour laser group printers (HL-54..., HL-6...)
  • High-performance printers (HL-S...)

There are models with various performance characteristics for every field. The laser printers from Brother are primarily intended for the professional field, from the workplace printer that is used by one or a few users, to the work group printer (up to ten people) and the high-performance printer.

Differences in the product groups in the Brother HL series

Within the individual HL series product groups the models differentiate themselves in the following characteristics:

  • The black & white workplace printers such as the HL-2240 or the HL-2135W provide various printing speeds. Additional characteristics include Wi-Fi capability, an integrated Duplex unit (double sided printing), the size of the paper try, and energy consumption.
  • Colour LED workplace printers from Brother have various printing speeds and the option of a Duplex unit, and are LAN or Wi-Fi-capable. The Brother HL-3170CDW is a good example of this group. Different from laser printers, a light-emitting diode (LED) serves as the light source in the print head. This allows for the illumination of entire lines rather than points. Thus, LED printers are considered faster and more sensitive, as there are no movable parts built into the print head.
  • The black & white work group printers, for example the Brother HL-6180DW or HL-5450DN, are essentially distinguished by the size of the paper trays and the type of connection (LAN or Wi-Fi).
  • The differences in the colour laser work group printers, such as the Brother HL-4570CDWT and HL 4570CDW, are similar to those of the black & white work group printers: the size of the paper trays and the choice between an LAN or Wi-Fi connection.
  • With regard to the high-performance printers, there is currently only one model, the HL-S7000DN, which in particular has a significantly higher printing speed (up to 100 pages per minute).