Canon pixma mp

In product names, the term 'Pixma' describes all Canon ink jet printers, from simple ink jet machines to professional photo printers to multi-function devices.
Canon Pixma product ranges
The Pixma series offers:

  • Ink jet printers (Pixma iP . . ., Pixma-iX)
  • Professional photo printers (Pixma-Pro)
  • 3-in-1 multi-function devices (Pixma-MG . . ., Pixma-MP) and 4-in-1 devices

Ink jet printers and multi-function devices are intended for use in homes or small offices.

Performance capability differences within the Pixma family of products

Within the individual products lines, Pixma models can be principally differentiated by the following characteristics:

Ink jet printers are available for both stationary and mobile use (through battery power, Pixma iP100). They predominately print up to ISO A4 paper size, but one model prints up to A3 (Pixma iX6550). Models also vary in physical dimension, print speed, print quality and paper tray size.

  • The professional ISO A3 inkjet photo printers from the Pixma-Pro-series distinguish themselves above all for the option to choose between pigment- and dye-based colour ink. Black & white and colour images can be printed using 8, 10 or 12 ink systems. Through the use of supplementary colours, the printable colour palette is significantly expanded. For black & white printing, multiple black and gray tones provide a high level of precise detail in both light and dark areas.
  • Multi-function devices are differentiated by both print and scan quality, print speed and colour cartridge systems. Devices are available with varying paper tray sizes and ink cartridges. Some models are equipped with a colour display screen, while others can be accessed via a wireless Wi-Fi connection (Pixma MG3150). Canon's line of Pixma multi-function devices is designed for use in homes or small offices.