HP officejet printers

As the name implies, Hewlett Packard offers printers for office use in the Officejet series. In contrast to the Laserjet series, the inkjet process is used in the Officejet models. Compared to cheap colour laser printers, according to HP the inkjet process allows for not just up to 50% lower printing costs, but also saves half of the energy used. Officejet printers are available for the following areas of application:

Basic characteristics and differences in Officejet models

The Officejet printers are connected to a network via USB or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. All of them have an e-Print function over which files can be sent to the printer per email. All Officejet models are Wi-Fi-capable, with the exception of the mobile devices, which can connect to other devices via Bluetooth.

The product series of the Officejet models

The performance characteristics of the current Officejet models are primarily coordinated to their areas of use. Since they are thought of as office devices, the primary difference is in functions for professional use--in particular with regard to monthly printing performance. HP determines the printing performance by taking into account multiple factors, in particular toner use and maintenance intervals so that the customer finds the right device for his printing volume. With regard to the mobile Officejet models, the printing performance is particularly low--500 pages per month recommended--due to the special usage conditions. In contrast, according to HP, the printing performance of the stationary printers ranges from 12,000 to 75,000 pages per month.

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