Agfa Photo Printer Products

Agfa Gevaert is the joint merger of two companies that took place in 1964. Agfa was Belgian-owned and focused on photo products while Gevaert (a German company) made colour dyes. Since their merger, the company has grown to become a world leader in the digital graphic area and also in healthcare. Never afraid of advancing with changing times, Agfa now concentrates its efforts on digital printing solutions and is a forerunner in the development of industrial inkjet technology, which is hoped to be the future of large-scale printing. Digital x-ray equipment and shrewd acquisition now mean that Agfa is the leading provider of software solutions for digital imaging and radiology networks in the world. The company is also researching innovative products such as synthetic paper and organic conductors. In 2004, Agfa Photo was sold to cater for consumer imaging products and consumables but filed for bankruptcy just 12 months later. The brand is now licensed by a holding company. Since the sale, Agfa only deals with business clients.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

As mentioned above Agfa Photo cartridges and toners are available for Agfa-branded printers but are provided under licence. Agfa no longer supports their consumer imaging products and has withdrawn completely from this market.

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