All in One

As the name might suggest, this type of machine combines the functions of the old standalone copier, scanner and printer that used to adorn offices in less enlightened times. This makes for better use of available space in your office or home and also cuts down on the different types of toner or ink cartridge that are needed.

What Are the Benefits?

Not only does an all-in-one machine give you a whole lot more room in your workspace, it also puts all of those office productivity functions you need to use in one convenient place, meaning that you don’t have to waste time going from machine to machine to finish your work. Some all-in-ones will enable you to copy and print double-sided, which will save on the amount of paper you need to use too. Having an all-in-one, as opposed to a separate printer and scanner, will also enable you to scan a document into an OCR program, if you have one, make any amendments that are needed and then print out the amended document – all whilst using just one machine.

Wide Choice

Buying an all-in-one doesn’t need to be an expensive thing to do either. In fact, by replacing several pieces of equipment with one unit, you will probably be saving money. Whether you are intending to buy an all-in-one to replace the scanners, copiers and printers in a business environment, or looking for something versatile to use at home, there is a price to suit every budget. Once the initial capital expenditure is out of the way, you will only need to worry about consumables such as paper, toner and ink cartridges. You will find that are able to supply a vast range of toner and ink cartridges for all-in-one machines by visiting their easy to use website. You can easily check for compatibility, whether your all-in-one is a laser or an inkjet model and they have a very good range of black and colour cartridges to meet your requirements. Being able to save time, space and money are three very good reasons for having an all-in-one.