Canon Toner and Ink

Canon Toner and InkAlthough best known for their cameras and camcorders, Canon also has a strong reputation in the computer hardware market, specializing in professional standard printers and scanners. Canon was one of the pioneers of the piezoelectric inkjet technology, originally developed by Siemens. While in the laboratory, the Canon researchers noticed that ink in a syringe would shoot out the opening when it came into contact with a hot soldering iron, marking the birth of the thermal inkjet technology. Marketed under the label “Bubblejet”, after the bubbles that formed when heat was applied, Canon patented the technology in 1979 and introduced the world’s first bubblejet printer in the mid-80s. Around the same time, Canon researchers were also refining the technology for laser printers, settling on a semi-conductor laser which provided the breakthrough for mass production.

Crisp Text Documents and Vibrant Photo Prints

Today, Canon has one of the most prolific printer ranges on the market. The PIXMA line includes inkjet, all-in-one inkjet and professional photo printers and is accompanied by the i-SENSYS line for laser and multifunction laser printers and the SELPHY compact photo printers.
Most PIXMA models use Canon’s patented FINE technology. FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) uses super-accurate print heads with up to 7,680 nozzles. Each nozzle is designed to dispense consistent, precise ink droplets, some as small as one picolitre – that’s an incredible one-trillionth of a litre! These tiny droplets produce unbelievably smooth colour gradations and high levels of detail, giving your prints the look and feel of traditional photographs. Every PIXMA Photo & Document Printer uses a combination of pigment black ink and dye-based colour inks. This results in brilliantly crisp, legible text in your documents, and vibrant colour throughout your photos and graphics. Some models also feature Canon’s ContrastPLUS system, which uses an extra black dye ink. This gives you maximum contrast not only in black areas, but right throughout your images – giving your photos a dynamic 3-D feel. Features like WiFi connectivity and PC-free printing are of course also standard features. Canon designs their products with the environment in mind and often include recycled materials. By minimizing the energy that the products use when being operated, customers save resources. And by maximizing resource efficiency, the amount of new natural resources needed is reduced substantially.

Canon Toner and Ink Cartridges

Since establishing itself as one of the pioneers of printer technology, Canon has built a reputation for being one of the most popular and trusted consumer imaging brands in the world. From small homes to large offices; the vast range of Canon printer models ensures that there is a device to service every need and purpose. Offering both affordability and high performance, Canon printers are one of the most widely used printer brands in the world. Coupled with the fact that Canon is also one of the world’s leading camera manufacturers you can safely put all your needs in their hands – from taking photos to printing them in brilliant detail.
As you would expect from such a reputable brand, consumers can expect only the highest possible quality from all of Canon’s printer models and their consumables. Canon toner and ink cartridges specialize in producing professional looking printouts every time.

Image: manaemedia – Fotolia