The term cartridge is used in computing for any container than can easily be removed from or inserted into a larger piece of equipment and in our case specifically applies to ink or toner cartridges. Widely used throughout the printing industry, inkjet cartridges and toner are readily available to suit all the thousands of models of printers, fax machines and multifunction devices.


Before the introduction of removable cartridges, laser printers had cartridges that were built into the machine so printing costs were understandably high. Modern toner cartridges are easily removed, although care must be used since toner is toxic and highly dangerous if ingested. This innovation has drastically changed the world of domestic and commercial printing and laser printers are now a common feature in homes and offices. Ink cartridges are a vast improvement on ribbons and were first introduced in the late 1970s. Within ten years, inkjet technology meant that remanufactured cartridges were readily available and cheap printing became possible for all, even domestic users, who no longer had to visit a print shop to print CVs, application letters or other documents.

Current Use

Modern printers, fax machines and multifunction devices all use cartridges, as do several lines of label printers and POS systems. While thermal printers retain a niche market in logistics and other areas, the majority of printing equipment still relies on inkjet or toner cartridges that are available in black or colour formats. Industrial inkjet solutions are currently being researched for use in large printing presses and may well be the future of industrial printing.

Innovations did not stop with invention as due to environmental concerns, many companies reuse spent cartridges, refilling them for resale to customers. Other options include refill kits and ink systems that require modifications to the printer. At, we believe in supplying consumables that are fully compatible with your printer and only stock products from reliable manufacturers with a proven history of quality.