DeTeWe Printer Toner

DeTeWe has a long history in the world of electronics and has the distinction of building the first German telephones. It maintained a high profile in the German market, becoming known for its telephony solutions and, as the internet evolved, it also became renowned for its IP telephony expertise. The company also offered office equipment solutions that linked to their telephony systems and included items such as copiers, fax machines and small laser printers. It also provided consumables for these items under its own brand. In 2005, the company became part of the Aastra group and ceased its involvement in office equipment, concentrating solely on global IP telephony solutions.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

The company offered a consumable range to supports its office equipment hardware. These accessories included paper, laser toner and ink cartridges for their range of fax machines, copiers etc. Popular on the second hand market, refurbished models are still offered due to their robust nature and cheap operating costs. Many users are reluctant to cease using these models and this creates a demand for consumables for these items.

Why Buy DeTeWe Toner and Ink Cartridges from

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