Fax Unit

A fax unit is a synonym for a fax machine, a device that digitally transfers data from one fax unit to another. Each fax unit comes in with an existing optical scanner, a printer and a telephone. The scanner acts when a document needs to be transferred to an image by digitalising it on paper. The printer works for printing any commands of faxes that are sent to the machine.


There are different types of fax machines. These include thermal fax machines, laser fax machines and inkjet fax machines.

An inkjet fax machine produces high quality prints of documents. However, in order to produce that quality, it functions a bit slower than other units, which is why is not used commercially or in large offices where the intake of everyday faxes is large.

A Laser fax machine on the contrary is suitable for office use. It has a better speed of sending and receiving faxes. It is longer lasting but a bit more expensive as it uses the LED to transmit its data.
Thermal fax machines are a good choice if you are on a budget. However, although these units are cheaper, the quality is much lower than with other devices.

Difference between The Types

All fax machines can be differentiated from one another on the basis of the unit’s speed limit, auto dialling features, the type of printer it employs, the size of its paper, and other additional features such as, if the unit has a paper cutter or not or if it has paper feeds or not.

A fax unit may be a slow means of printing but, it surely is a quick means of transferring information. It is considered a suitable method because it is comparatively cheaper than other printing options.

However, in case a larger number of faxes, for example above 30, are expected each day, then using a fax unit will not be advisable. It will take a lot of time and slow down the speed of your work.