Igepa Printer Solutions

Igepa is one of Europe’s premier paper merchants and currently has a wholesaler network in over 20 countries including Australia and New Zealand. Specialising in paper products and other materials for the commercial publishing industry, the company’s clients include newspapers and publishers of all sizes. Material for outdoor advertising and even digital press solutions are all provided by this group of companies. The company has its own logistics fleet, warehousing facilities and encourages sustainability in all aspects of its operations. With an annual turnover of over 1.5 million tons, it is no surprise that the company is one of the premier providers in Europe.


Their primary business is of course the supply of quality printer paper and recycling is encouraged, even in the production of new innovative materials for outdoor applications. Their products are recommended for many brands of printer and its quality has always encouraged customers to stick with this particular brand for their printer paper needs.

Why Buy Igepa Products from Toner24.co.uk?

Toner24.co.uk has an enviable reputation for competitively priced ink and toner cartridges but paper is also a speciality and we believe in providing quality products rather than cheaper products from other companies. The use of quality printer paper improves the lifespan of your printer and even reduces ink usage as quality materials will absorb less ink. Despite choosing a leading supplier, our client will still appreciate the pricing we offer per box. We offer free delivery for volume orders valued at over £210 and ensure that delivery takes place with one working day. We can achieve this by using UPS Express Saver for all deliveries. Ordering is an easy task, as you can click on your printer model and the corresponding consumable options will be displayed in the results page.