Konica Minolta Printer Toner

Konica Minolta is the result of a merger between two Japanese imaging companies that took place in 2003. It has since pulled out its camera interests, selling out this operation to Sony. The company now concentrates on office equipment, specialising in multifunctional laser printers and other devices to optimise productivity in a network environment. It has an extensive global support network and deals in products related to HDD (hard disc drive) design, healthcare imaging, optics, sensing, 3D measurement and industrial inkjets. The company also has an interest in planetarium projectors and movie theatre management. At this point in time, the separate entities of Konica and Minolta have merged completely and latest products reflect innovations, branding and designs from both companies.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

With such a wide range of products, the range of consumables and accessories available is quite daunting but all are readily available due to its comprehensive support network and key partnerships with major distributors and service centres. Laser printer consumables are available online in various formats, colours and capacity. It is recommended that third party cartridges are avoided unless you are dealing with a supplier that has a good reputation for customer service and product reliability.

Why Buy Konica Minolta Toner and Ink Cartridges from Toner24.co.uk?

Toner24.co.uk is trusted by thousands of clients to supply quality consumables and we are delighted to serve each and every one of them. We appreciate customer loyalty and guarantee that our existing service level will only improve in the future as additional products are added. We strive to have cartridges available as soon as new printer models are released and are always willing to add new models to our inventory. It is always possible that we will not list some models as the printer models can vary between countries. For example, a printer bought online from a US store may have a different model number from the model number assigned for UK release. In most cases, all that’s needed is a little research before we add the model. It is likely that we will already have a compatible cartridge in stock.