Kyocera Toner and Ink

Kyocera Toner and InkBased in Kyoto, Japan, the multi-billion Kyocera Corporation is one of the most respected developers and manufacturers of electronic goods in the world. Established in 1959 as a manufacturer of technical ceramics, the company still is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of fine-ceramic components for the information and communications industries. But Kyocera has also built a strong reputation for producing high quality hardware for the consumer market.
Kyocera Document Solutions (Formerly Kyocera Mita) is the document imaging division of Kyocera and one of the world’s largest manufacturers and leading providers of document imaging devices, including award-winning network-ready digital multifunction copiers, laser printers, colour copiers/printers, digital laser facsimiles, wide format imaging devices and network management and print solutions.

Reliable and Fast

Concentrating on building reliable office printers with laser technology, Kyocera is additionally at the forefront of developing lightning fast inkjet printheads. In 2012 alone the company introduced the world’s fastest 300 dots per inch (dpi) inkjet printhead with a speed of 152 metres per minute and the world’s fastest 1200×1200 dpi inkjet printhead, managing 80 metres per minute. Kyocera printers in general are famed for the high volume of pages they can print per minute and the excellent quality of their prints.
The company also prides itself in providing some of the most economic printers available when it comes to cost per print-out. The current 3rd generation of Ecosys laser printers, for example, come with standard duplexing for double sided printing, minimizing paper waste. By reducing the size of the toner particles the print quality has been improved. These models, in a nutshell, produce brighter, more robust colour with finer details.

Reducing Cost of Operations

Kyocera’s unique technology, including long life components and a hard-wearing amorphous silicon drums, means longer service intervals. Machines are designed to cut maintenance times to a minimum. This means that the workflow has fewer interruptions and the cost of maintenance is lower. Kyocera have long recognized the total cost of ownership (TCO) of office printers to be a major issue. Over a typical printer’s life, the difference in consumables costs between Kyocera’s printers and any of our competitors can amount to thousands of pounds.
Keeping up with the times, in 2012 Kyocera also introduced Kyocera Mobile Print, a mobile print app, and Kyocera Cloud Printing, an application that enables scanning and printing of files in the cloud service provider Evernote.

Kyocera Toner and Ink Cartridges

One of the driving themes behind Kyocera’s success is their attempts to reduce the amount of harmful waste generated from their products. As early as 1986, Kyocera started the Ecosys project, which has led to the creation of products with a lifespan that was considered unthinkable at the time. The technology was able to minimize the number of interchangeable parts and at the same time reduce the resource burden on the environment. Today, Kyocera ink and toner cartridges are still renowned for their long life, which helps customers reduce waste and save money. The new toner cartridges for example last longer and require 30 degrees less heat to fuse than the previous models, thus saving energy.

Image: Sven Hoppe