Multifunctional Colour Printers

Multifunctional colour devices are commonly used in office and domestic environments to save space that would be taken up several devices. It should be noted that multifunctional devices come in all shapes and sizes. A printer-scanner combination is also classed as a multifunctional device but many consider a true multifunctional device to include faxing capabilities.

Product Selection

With any type of equipment, research is necessary prior to purchase as multifunctional colour solutions are provided by many of the world’s leading manufacturers. With choices ranging from humble inkjet solutions costing less than one hundred pounds to enterprise-level devices costing thousands, there are literally thousands of choices available. However, if you have specialist requirements, such as large format printing or plotting, the playing field is reduced substantially and your choice will be limited to a handful of leading brands in this market. Review your specific requirements, budget and make a shortlist of the leading manufacturers in the area. Perform some online research on technical comparison sites and make your selection after verifying that adequate support is available in your location. For high value equipment, a local support solution is essential. Consider support costs before committing to a purchase.

Pros and Cons

The primary advantage of multifunctional devices is that you obtain all the features of several devices in one unit, saving office space and offering a single solution for all your document management needs. However, if the device fails, then all devices are out of action while the unit is being repaired or indeed replaced. Multifunctional colour devices are highly complex and their complexity increases the odds of equipment failure, requiring regular maintenance and in most cases, a service or maintenance contract with a local provider. This is necessary because, unlike budget devices, enterprise-level equipment cannot be serviced by untrained users. Risks include damage to equipment and possible electric shock if maintenance is carried out incorrectly.
Therefore, choose your multifunctional solution wisely. If your printing output is low, then it is pointless selecting a model that can cater for a large-scale enterprise. Select a model that meets your projected needs for the next 12 months and consider consumable costs in addition to any service or maintenance fees.