Office Printer

While printers on a whole can be placed into many categories, marketing would simply make the distinction between printers intended for home use and those destined for the office. Moreover, in efforts to attain maximum efficiency and reduce cost, many entrepreneurs merely analyse the pros and cons of the inkjet and laser printers; devices that come with many diverse features.

Should you go for a Standalone printer or a Multifunction Printer MFP?

You may need to determine if separate devices for tasks such as copying, faxing, scanning and printing are needed against having an all-in-one device that could accomplish everything. Some key advantages of the multifunction printer include cost reduction and space saving capability. Also in opting for a MFP as your office printer, you may want to consider an e-mail feature, which in today’s world is more popular than faxing. A single-function printer is particularly designed for certain tasks that your business may call for. For instance, studios that deal with photo and graphic arts will most likely choose a top-of-the-line photo printer, together with a single-function scanner. Certainly, purchasing a device specific to a task doesn’t rule out getting a MFP simultaneously, given the benefits you could obtain.

The Key Difference between the Inkjet and Laser Printer: What you should know and Why

The main difference between these two printers lies in the kind of ink they apply. Laser printers make use of powdered ink while Ink jet printers utilize liquid ink. A business that needs fast and steadfast quality printing of reports, pamphlets, invoices etc., usually makes the correct decision in going for laser printers. Monochrome laser printers are the popular choice for most businesses since the majority print lots of black and white documents. Ink jets are especially lightweight and relatively smaller when compared to the laser variety. They may seem like the cheaper option when completing any color printing jobs; but actually a higher cost is incurred in the long run due to recurrent refills.

Dependent on the kind of business you run, an apparent expensive color laser office printer may in fact provide great value thanks to the quality and performance that you get. If your cash flow permits, this type of printer may be your best pick. However, if you’d prefer to keep initial cash outlays down, consider obtaining an office ink jet printer.