Printing Machine

A printing machine is a piece of hardware which is used to print out written information or photographic images from your computer. It is known as an output device and is used in almost every home and office throughout the world. Some printers can also take memory cards from your mobile phone or digital camera and print photographs without the need to connect it to your computer hard drive.

How a Printing Machine is Used

The printer comes with a disc containing software that helps the computer and printer “communicate”. In order for the printer to receive images and written information from your computer, this software must be installed. A cable will be attached from the printer to your computer hard drive. Once this is complete, your printer will be able to print information from your computer providing you with a hard, paper copy.
You must print things by clicking on the print icon on your computer screen. You can choose how many copies of a document you would like to print.

Where and Why is a Printing Machine Used

A printer can be found in just about every office, place of business and school worldwide. They are used by libraries, government bodies and workplaces as a resource for printing important documents, factsheets and even images. Individuals use them to print out information from their home computers also. Due to the advance in technology, digital camera photographs and mobile phone photographs can now be printed onto photographic paper from printing machines.
There are a number of reasons why people still use printers despite the influx of mass storage devices. A hard copy of important information may be necessary as a backup, particularly for accounts. It may be necessary to distribute information among large numbers of people, be they employees or students, and handing out a factsheet can be a quick way to do this. If you need to hand in an essay for college, you cannot hand in your laptop after all, and having a printer is a quick way to show off your work.
Often printers are integrated with other valuable tools such as a photocopier and/or a scanner.