Ricoh Cartridges

Founded in 1936, Ricoh is primarily known today as a manufacturer of cameras, photo copiers and printers. In fact, in the early years of this century Ricoh became the world’s leading producer of copiers. Since it was founded, Ricoh has led the way with several technological breakthroughs: In 1960, the Ricoh offset duplicator led to high-volume, low-cost copying in the office. In 1973, the Ricoh Rifax 600s is the world’s first high-speed facsimile machine. In 1987, the first multi-functional copier for the office IMAGIO 320 is introduced, eliminating the need for multiple devices. And as early as 1976, Ricoh established an environmental protection office.

The company offers a wide range of printers from mass production machines with a high quality finish through to office printer/copiers for more general use. They also supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges and toners for their products.

Quality and Quantity

As the company is experienced in producing office machines or printers that are very much at home in heavy use production environments, the toner and inks supplied are usually geared towards volume printing. Their Priport range of digital duplicators can handle up to 600,000 prints per month although they are targeted at volume rather than quality prints. For quality printing, Ricoh is offering the multifunction Aficio models which can produce colour prints with a resolution of 3600 x 1200 dots per inch. The Aficio range of laser printers use less ink than inkjet models and are a real option for work environments when quality and budgeting are both in question.
Heightened environmental awareness has spurred the shift to duplex printing, which halves paper consumption. Also, with more and more documents in color, there is an increasing need for high-speed color scanning. To satisfy this, Ricoh has implemented the duplex colour scanning technology in order to scan both front and rear sides with a single feed of a document. This results in a great improvement of scanning productivity and also leads to less damage to original documents and noise reduction.

Save the Ink for Printing

On the inkjet front, Ricoh has developed a technology to significantly decrease the amount of ink consumed for purposes other than printing. When there is an interval of use, for example, ink may dry at the head nozzles or air bubbles may be entrapped. When this happens, ink ejection may become unstable, causing printing to blur or streak. Ricoh has minimized the amount of ink discharged without being used for printing by developing an ink less likely to bubble and also a technology to withdraw ink uniformly from all 384 nozzles arranged on the print head.
Ricoh is among the top-Ranked global companies when it comes to sustainability. For instance, the energy (in CO2) required to manufacture Ricoh’s PxP toner is reduced by approximately 35% compared to other toners. Also, the fixing temperature can be lowered, which further contributes to energy conservation. Ricoh printers also have an internal toner re-circulating mechanism, which maximizes toner usage by re-circulating it. Also, Ricoh products are designed for rapid de-manufacturing and sorting of components. To enable easier recycling, the company has standardized its plastic materials.

Ricoh Toner and Ink Cartridges

Ricoh provides you with high-quality consumables, from ink and toner cartridges to office stationary and desktop printing devices. Choosing Ricoh means the items we provide are guaranteed to work with your office devices and – ensuring maximum output quality and reliability, and minimum downtime.