Schneider Printer Products

Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG is a company that went bankrupt in 2002, being purchased by TCL Corporation. It is most famous for its collaboration with Amstrad in the early 1980s. Both companies were famous for their budget audio products, speakers etc. However, Amstrad developed a number of entry-level computers and Schneider was selected to supply cost effective printing hardware. In 1987, their partnership ended as the company refused to market Amstrad computers in Germany. The printers produced were dot-matrix types and few are compatible with today’s computer systems since drivers are unavailable and connection types are no longer added to motherboards. The company also produced a small line of fax machines prior to bankruptcy.


Consumables for these old printers are difficult to find but some third party manufacturers still produce them for a niche market of enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with the earliest models of home computers and printers.

Why Buy Toner and Ink Cartridges from appreciates your interest in Schneider products but unfortunately, these items are decades old although refurbished models can still be purchased. If you need a ribbon or other accessories, contact us and we will do our best to help you. The company produced a limited number of products, many of which were sold in Germany. However, we have industry contacts that can assist so feel free to ask us. We recommend selecting a new model. Base your selection on our consumable costs in order to reduce ongoing printing costs. We also supply compatible copy paper and photo paper and quick delivery is guaranteed by UPS. Free delivery applies for order over £210 in value and for smaller orders, shipping is just £3.90. Check out our pricing and compare it with others in the industry, you will be pleasantly surprised.