Seiko Printer Products

The Seiko Epson Corporation is the modern name of the company whose origins began with Shinshu Seiki Co. (a company started to make parts for watches). Selected as the official timekeeper for the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, a printing solution was needed and was successfully developed in 1968. After successfully taking a large market share in the early dot-matrix market, the company became the Epson Corporation as is today one of the core three companies of the Seiko Group. It concentrates on printing and imaging technology, with inkjet and laser printers, POS printers and industrial automation equipment. Whether hardware is branded under Seiko or Epson, both brands are globally recognised for their durability and quality.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

As the company has been in business for all stages of the printing industry, from the humble dot matrix to the modern laser copier, its range of products runs into the thousands. However, all are supported and sourcing consumables or a nearby service centre is never a problem for consumers. The lifespan of a typical printer is five years but many users are still using theirs after a decade or more, testament to the quality of the material and manufacturing process.

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