Siemens Cartridges

Siemens made a large number of fax machines and printer products that were designed for use in busy office environments. The range utilised a number of different print methods from thermal transfer through to ribbon cartridges. Some of the models have been discontinued for a number of years, but thanks to the quality in the manufacturing there are still many units in regular use.

The Siemens Range of Printers and Fax Machines

The company’s products are usually small units that have been designed for moderate to heavy office use. The earlier model of fax machines called the Fax-540 and Fax-640 used ink cartridges and operated much like an inkjet print machine with slightly lower running costs because of the type of data usually printed. For the high specification model of the time Siemens brought out a laser printer model called the Fax-690 which was aimed at the top end of the fax market and could handle higher print volumes.
When the 7 series came out the pattern was the same with ink cartridges for the Fax-730 and Fax-740 aimed at moderate use environments and the Fax-770 and Fax-790 laser models aimed at heavy use or busy offices that require faster print speeds. When the 8 series was released the company introduced thermal transfer rolls which drastically reduced running costs for the Fax-840, 860, 870 and 890N. The 9 series which is the latest model of fax machine was produced in both laser and inkjet models.
The Fax-940 is aimed at low use and quality imaging with around 1000 prints expected from each ink cartridge. The Fax-960 is aimed at high volume and high demand office environments and 10,000 prints per toner change is the minimum expected.
The standalone printers are designed so that offices have the option of using the FD-4911 models as high volume desktop units or moderate use systems. To cater for the different usage requirements the toners come as either standard or high capacity units.

Sourcing Consumables

Siemens products are well supported with after-market cartridges and toners that are produced by some of the biggest manufacturers in the print industry. Replacement ink cartridges and toners are generally made by Canon and Ricoh or specialist ink cartridge manufacturers.