Solid Ink

Solid ink technology is a pretty old technology used in printers. The technology is basically very simple; the printer is loaded up with an ink stick with solid ink (toner powder or fluid ink) and it is then melted to create images on paper.


The technology might be very old but it still has a few qualities that make it better than other printing technologies. The print quality of an image from a printer which uses such ink is of a very high standard. What makes them better is their whole process of melting and the end result is a print out with very dynamic colours. These printers are very environment friendly. The box they come in is recyclable and when the blocks of the ink are used they can easily be disposed of.


With only a very few advantages, these printers have a bucket full of disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of a solid ink printer is that you can scrape off the ink from the printed paper very easily. These printers consume a hefty amount of energy to melt the ink in order for printing. They also have to be warmed up for printing which means you have to wait for a few good minutes if you want to get your print out. These printers are not at all economical in that they waste a lot of ink. In order to provide efficiency in speed these printers waste a lot of ink in the process. This printing technology also uses wax in its printing process which leaves an odour after a small period of time.
Printers that use solid ink have a lot of disadvantages with comparatively fewer advantages. You can opt for this kind of a printer if its advantages fulfill your printing needs.