Transfer Units

A fuser and a transfer roller are used by a printer to transfer an image onto paper. Both these parts combine to make a transfer unit of the printing device with each performing a different function.

Fuser Unit (Fuser Roller)

The fuse unit plays a vital role in the process of printing. It is the part that creates the image onto the paper after it melts it down. The ink, which is commonly known as toner, is stored in a dry form. For instance, in a laser printing device a static charge is created over the paper to draw the toner onto those specific locations where the letters are supposed to appear. This is where fuser unit plays a very vital role. The fuser unit is used to heat the toner in order for it to melt and create a permanent image onto the paper. Without the presence of a fuser unit, the printing process will not even take place.

Transfer Roller

The transfer roller is a roller which distributes the toner and the toner is then sprayed on to the paper. Transfer rollers are magnetically charged. The charge is placed onto the paper where the words are to be printed. The transfer roller is a key part of a printer. Its improper functioning can lead to problems in printing.
Both of these parts combine to make up the transfer unit of a printing machine. Transfer units are an essential component of any printing device and can last up to thousands of prints. It is common for these components to need replacing from time to time. Each printer has its transfer unit available in the market it comes with instructions on how to replace it. Maintenance cost of replacement of a transfer unit depends on the company and the model of the printer.