What is a Photo Copier?

A photocopier can be referred to as a printer able to scan documents. It produces instant copies of any printed materials and is known as a Multifunctional device or MFD. The photocopier can print documents and also copy a document for usage within a business department or at home. Scanned documents vary in size from different mediums such as brochures, booklets, books, and records.

Where are Copiers Used?

Copiers are used in both the home and the office. A typical office will use several photocopiers depending on the size of the business from small to enterprise companies. They are used in schools and many other types of outlets to duplicate information for distribution to staff, students, etc.
Libraries have allowed visitors to scan favourite parts of their literature for use at their own leisure. Typical home usage is scanning driving licenses, utility bills, and photos. Most photocopiers allow the user the ability to add more features when required.

What Types of Copiers are available?

Several types of copiers are available: Portable, desktop, floor-standing.
Portable copiers are now more affordable and suited to the home more than office environments. It’s the choice for economical prints. Desktop copiers are suitable for medium sized businesses with limited users. They have a limited printing speed and tray capacity as compared to the floor-standing copiers suitable for larger offices.

How to Maintain a Photocopier?

These 4 actions are necessary to maintain a copier’s quality over long term usage:
1. Anti-static cleaner specific to photocopiers.
2. Mylar bars to remove any residual toner from the drum.
3. Silicon oil and a smooth cloth to clean the fuser.
4. Finally, cleaning the toner copier enables the machine to efficiently maintain high quality prints.

How Do I Choose Toner?

The toner cartridges while easy to swap can be expensive so chat with us regarding your toner needs. Each copier needs a type of toner specific to that machine model. There are generic cartridges available that fit a range of brands and these are the cheaper toner cartridges depending on the choice being black & white or colour.