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Fujitsu is a leading manufacturer for IT products and services for a global marketplace. They offer a range of high quality print cartridges for quality printers, ensuring that all your printing needs will be met. Although it is possible to purchase a number of cheap ink cartridges from unauthentic manufacturers when needing a refill, this is not the best option for your machine. These low quality cartridges use a combination of water and dye, rather than real ink, which can cause your print heads to become clogged, rendering your printer unusable.

Here at Toner24 we offer a variety of the highest quality print cartridges, and we pride ourselves on providing great prices and excellent service.


The Fpj-20 from Olivetti is an inkjet cartridge especially designed for inkjet printers.

  • Black Ink
  • Water Resistant
  • 500 pages capacity

This ink-jet cartridge is able to print up to 500 standard A4 pages, and is suitable for intensive use.

Fax-Lab 200, 200P, 210, 210P, 250, 250P, 260, 260P
Jet-Lab 500
OFX 140, 150, 180, 185, 500, 520, 520p, 525, 540, 550, 555, 560, 570, 575, 580

Fujitsu D30L-9001-0939

The D30L-9001-0939 is constructed from top grade manufacturer parts, and produces high quality seamless printing and coverage.

  • Black Ink
  • Nylon Ribbon
  • 2.5 Million Characters

DL 1100, DL 1150, DL 1200, DL 1250, DL 700, DL 900, DPK 8100, DPK 8200, DPK 8400, DPK 8500, DPK 8600E, DPK 9050E

Fujitsu D30L-9001-0601

The D30L-9001-0601 is an environmentally friendly cartridge that offers high quality printing at an affordable cost.

  • Black Ink
  • Nylon Ribbon
  • Dot Matrix Technology

DL 2100 / DL 3300 / DL 3400 / DL 3600 dot matrix printers

Fujitsu C104

The C104 ribbon print cartridge uses dot matrix technology, providing quality, crisp, and clear output.

  • Black Ink
  • Nylon Ribbon
  • 18 Million Characters

DL 3700 / DL 3750+ / DL 3800 / DL 3850+ / DL 9300 / DL 9400

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