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It is very important for businesses and companies that their fax machines, copiers and printers work reliable.

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A printer cartridge (ink cartridge) is required for an inkjet printer. A distinction is made between a single-ink cartridge, in which is only one color of ink, and a three- chamber color cartridge, in which all colors of ink(magenta, cyan and yellow) are inserted in the cartridge. There are advantages and disadvantages in both systems. If just one single color in the three-chamber color system is empty, the entire color cartridge must be replaced, whereas in the single ink- technology only the tank that is actually empty must be exchanged, so the ink comsumption is optimized.

Epson uses only its patented single individuel ink printer cartridges for the entire inkjet printer series. The manufacturer hp offers both systems, the HP Business Inkjet 2800DTN works with single ink cartridges, whereas the HP Photosmart 1000 relies on the three-chamber system for fast direct photo printing. The individual cartridges do not have their own printhead because it is located directly in the printer, whereas the three-chamber color cartridges have the printhead installed in the cartridge-so with each cartridge change your device gets a new printhead.

Most of the new cartridges are provided with a chip. The chip identifies the ink cartridge in the printer and supervises the ink level.

You find more information about printer accessories and consumables in our guide.

Toner and toner cartridges for laser fax, copiers and laser printer

The toner is the colorant in laser printers and copiers, placed in the cartridge.

Even with toners, a distiction is made between the two systems: the compact toner cartridge and the toner unit with a seperate development unit. Many devices from hp, Canon or Lexmark rely on the compact unit: the empty toner cartridges are replaced. Color lasers from Epson- for example the Aculaser C1900S-are designed with a special seperate toner and development unit and only the empty toner unit is to be replaced and the drum unit remains in the device and is only changed at the third or fith toner change.

The toner cartridges are designed with a chip in order to identify the device and to supervise the ink level.

Information how to dispose of ink cartridges and laser toner in an environmentally sound way you can find in our guide.