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Since no later than 1984, when Hewlett Packard saw to a revolution in ink-jet and laser printers, the company from Palo Alto, California has been indispensable on the printer market. Today, the company is the leading printer manufacturer worldwide: one million HP printers are delivered each week. The variety of available models covers all demands – from private use to small companies to globally active groups. However, HP is not only the market leader for printers, but also the largest technology company in the world: HP delivers 60 million PCs annually, and every third server delivered worldwide comes from HP.

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Pioneering spirit from California

HP was founded in 1939 by the Stanford graduates William R. Hewlett and David Packard in Palo Alto, California. The first product from the young company was made in a garage. It was a tone oscillator – an electronic test instrument for sound engineers. One of the first HP customers was Walt Disney Studios, which ordered eight oscillators for the production of the film Fantasia (1940). In 1959 HP founded local branches in Germany (Böblingen) and Switzerland (Geneva). Other early technical milestones in HP's history include the programmable computer HP9100A (1968), for which the term "personal computer" was used for the first time, and the HP-35 (1972), the first hand calculator in the world with scientific functions.

Continuous printer innovation

In 1984 HP presented the InkJet, the first ink-jet printer – a technology that signalled the end of the noisy wheel printers and matrix printers. HP had worked on the technology since 1978. In 1984 HP also celebrated the premier of the first laser printer, the LaserJet. In 1988 the first ink-jet printer for the mass market appeared in the form of the DeskJet 500. With 300 dots per inch (dpi), the DeskJet 500 presented a significantly higher resolution than its predecessor, and in its day it was the cheapest ink-jet printer on the market. The DeskJet 500C printed in colour for the first time in 1991. And in 1994 HP presented the fax/copier/printer Office Jet, the first multifunctional device for the mass market. Still today, the multifunctional printers, which can also scan, copy and optionally fax, are high in demand.

Perhaps the most far-reaching HP invention in those days was the disposable printhead as a part of the ink cartridge in the HP Deskjet printers. A damaged printhead was thus no longer a problem; the customer could simple buy a new cartridge. Even today HP still has an entire series of DeskJet devices in its range of products in addition to the Photosmart photo printers and the OfficeJet office printers. All these devices print with the proven thermal ink-jet technology. There is also an entire series of quick laser printers and multifunctional devices in the LaserJet series. Furthermore, HP is the leader in the digitalisation of the printing sector.

Trailblazer in environmental protection

In 1991 HP launched a recycling program for the used LaserJet toner cartridges. In 1997 the program was expanded and then also included the InkJet ink cartridges. In 2010 HP drew attention to itself with multiple environmental milestones: the production of the one millionth ink cartridge made out of recycled plastic and the introduction of the ENVY 100 e-All-In-One, the first PVC-free printer in the world. Currently, HP also offers a variety of environmental protection programs and initiatives for private customers. Thus, empty ink cartridges can be sent to HP for free, or old hardware can be handed over at a collection point. The company then disposes of them in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Know-how in cartridges as well

Every year HP invests millions in the research and development of better and more efficient printing technologies. Customers who buy HP accessories also profit from this know-how: Original HP products guarantee reliably sharp and colourfast printouts. Naturally, you can find the ink cartridges or toner cartridges that are compatible with your printer here in our online shop.