Panasonic - Printer Cartridges & Toner

The name Panasonic is known worldwide for innovation in the development of entertainment, communication and household products and devices. Since its founding in 1918, Panasonic has introduced innumerable new and exciting products. The first battery-powered bike light (1923), the first direct drive for record players (1970) and the first DVD recorder with an internal hard drive (2002) are just a few from the list. Today, Panasonic produces a plethora of electronics that we can't imagine our day-to-day lives without: TV sets, Blu-ray recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, microwaves, vacuums, copiers, laptops, professional broadcast technology, assembly robots, vehicle electronics, and naturally printers and multi-function devices (complete with ink and toner).

The next generation of multi-function devices

One of the highlights in Panasonic's range of printers is the multi-communication centre KX-MB2061. This next generation multi-function machine doesn't just print, copy, scan and fax, but also offers a multitude of other useful functions and features, such as an answering machine with an integrated call forwarding option and a cordless telephone system with DECT technology. The KX-MB2061 houses all features and functions necessary to running a small office in a single device. Efficiency is key in this machine, which can copy 24 pages per minute and print 12 pages per minute. Furthermore, the device has a network colour scanner, a Super-G3 fax machine, network connectivity, a digital cordless phone and intercom, and a digital answering machine.

Lots of useful extras

Panasonic's line of multi-function laser printers wins over users with a number of useful extra functions, like the Easy Print Utility. This program allows documents from multiple software applications (Word, Excel, etc.) to be combined and printed. Before printing, files can be edited and recombined. So it's possible to combine up to 16 different documents and print them on a single page. A reverse operation is also possible with the poster copy function, which allows you to enlarge individual documents for printing. With a resolution of up to 2400 x 12000 dpi (dots per inch), Panasonic's laser printers, like the DP-MB300, deliver exceptional photo-quality prints with remarkable detail.

Eco-friendly from the start

For decades Panasonic has been leading the way in terms of environmental consciousness. In fact, Panasonic's very first product, a light bulb adapter in the year 1918, was made using recycled bulb sockets. Panasonic has managed to be a pioneer on the environmental protection front in many cases: the world's smallest transistor radio (1959), the first pocket radio (1977) and the smallest portable DVD player in the world (1997). In 2005, Panasonic introduced the first fuel cell systems for home use. Before any other producer in the world, Panasonic already stopped using lead in the production of plasma screens in 2006. Additionally, the carbon dioxide emissions in both the production of Panasonic's plasma screen TVs and the TVs themselves (in use and in standby mode) have been reduced by nearly 62% over the last decade. Naturally, Panasonic accepts empty toner cartridges and disposes them in an environmentally friendly manner at no cost to the customer.

All original accessories from Panasonic are carefully developed and produced in order to guarantee optimum performance. The precise level of compatibility with the primary device ensures consistently clear and high-quality prints. Moreover, Panasonic is committed to constantly looking for ways in which to improve the efficiency and reliability of all its products. Original accessories from Panasonic are guaranteed to conform to the most current technical specifications of their respective printers.