Toshiba - Printer Cartridges & Toner

Few people first think of printers when they hear the company name Toshiba. However, the cause of this is not the other sectors that the Japanese technology group services with products such as Notebooks, tablet PCs or TVs – the manufacturer only approaches business and industrial customers with its printing products.

In 1939 Toshiba arose out of the merger of three Japanese companies and was first called Tokyo Shibaura Denki. But the group became known by its abbreviated designation, which also became the official name of the company in 1978. Today, there are over 600 subsidiary companies active under the umbrella of the parent company in many different areas. Amongst other things, the company is the seventh largest producer of electronic devices in the world, but it has also been the world market leader in nuclear business since a corporate takeover in 2006.

Printing products for professional customers

After the takeover of TEC Electronics in 1994, the printer division of the technology group was outsourced to Toshiba TEC Corporation, which today is primarily involved in the development and production of copiers and fax machines and only offers printers as relatively expensive document management solutions for business and industrial purposes, including systems for banknote production, amongst other things. Furthermore, the company also develops electronic cashier and kiosk systems for the so-called "point of sale" and makes print heads for professional ink-jet printers, which are only meant to be used for high-quality industrial printing.

Toshiba TECs e-STUDIO document management solutions are multifunctional, network-capable printing and copying systems with integrated computer hard drives, with sorting and binding functions for high-quality document creation in the areas from "workplace/team systems" to "department systems" and "high-performance system". All of this is much too big for home users, even for ambitious individuals with a home office.

In 2003 Toshiba's printer division presented a toner that should save paper and thereby preserve the environment. The special thing about this toner was that, like normal fountain pen ink, it could also be made invisible with a type of ink eraser process. By heating it up, the pages printed with the liquid known as e-blue once again became white and could be printed on again. Thus, documents containing sensitive information do not need to be shredded and disposed of; rather, after being heated up a single time they can be put back in the stack of printing paper. They are simply placed in special erasing equipment that can erase 200 pages in two hours. However, in contrast to Japan, this smart invention never reached the market in Europe.

Not everyone's printer

Today, Toshiba's portfolio includes printing and copying systems - for example the BD series and the TF series - for small and large companies as well as cashier systems. In contrast to the beginning of computer development, when Toshiba was still present on the expanding electronics market with loudly rumbling wire printers for everyone, the company subsequently never presented itself as a provider of laser or ink-jet printers and the corresponding accessories for private customers. Thus, ink or toner with the brand name Toshiba are also not available in the normal electronics trade to users of Toshiba's "document management solutions".

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