OKI - Printer Cartridges & Toner

OKI Electric is a global supplier of semiconductors and communications solutions. Founded in 1881, this Tokyo-based company developed a reputation for technological innovation in its 120-year history, for example as the developer of Japan's first telephone. Today, OKI is the largest manufacturer of light-emitting diodes (LED), among other things. In Europe, OKI is well known as a specialist in the field of professional printing solutions. Their expertise in LED technology and their commitment to aggressive research and development has enabled the company to grow to one of the largest manufacturers of printers, fax machines and multi-function systems.

A broad range of products

OKI's range of black and white printers is substantial. Ranging from compact, sturdy machines like the B401 to high-performance devices with double-sided printing functions and brochure and document finishers, OKI has a printer for every client's individual needs. Something its printers all have in common is high print quality, low operation costs and environmentally friendly printing processes. OKI also has a variety of colour printers to suit varying demands: compact models, models with extremely fast printing speeds, models with more high volume printing, or models that deliver exceptional quality in A3 format.

An all-in-one machine for the office

OKI multi-function printers (MFP) aren't just easy to operate--they also offer users exceptional efficiency, making them a cost effective investment. The ability to execute more tasks generally leads to a better workflow. In the latest round of developments, OKI has put special emphasis on ergonomics and environmental friendliness. The latest models have been able to reduce noise levels in standby mode by 25%. Additionally, all new OKI models have an auto-standby function to conserve energy. Even the good old dot matrix printers are still in production in the OKI Microline series. Dot matrix printers still offer an extremely low per-page printing cost and can also offer a large number of options when it comes to paper handling in comparison to other printer types and are ideal for printing documents like forms.

Pioneering work in LED printing

For more than twenty years, OKI has been working on LED printing technology. Since LED printers have significantly fewer moving parts than laser printers, they have proved themselves sturdy and reliable. OKI even offers a 10-year guarantee on its LED lines and a free one-year guarantee of on-site, next-day service for all LED printing devices. LED printers are also leading the way in quality. Thanks to a smaller dot size (approximately 50% smaller than laser printers) LED printers offer an exceptionally high print quality and grade of resolution in both text and images. A further advantage to LED printers is that they require no reflectors or refractors, meaning they can be very compactly built.

Leading the way in environmental protection

OKI prides itself on being a leader in the field of environmental protection. Now, all LED printer models offer an ECO-print mode. Thanks to shortened warm-up process, both single and double-sided print jobs require 20% less energy. The process of recycling used print cartridges is also extremely simple for OKI customers. With the purchase of all toner and ink cartridges, all deliveries come with a postage-paid bag for returning cartridges to the company for appropriate disposal. Here in our online shop you can quickly and easily order everything you need for your OKI printer.