Xerox - Printer Cartridges & Toner

The US manufacturer Xerox is well known as the first producer of photocopiers, but has expanded its business with numerous further technological innovations. Xerox offers a broad range of high-quality copiers, printers, scanners and multi-function devices, as well as accompanying office supplies, like toner and replacement ink.

Xerox – Writing the history of technology

Founded in 1906 as the Haloid Company, Xerox was exclusively concerned with the production and sale of photo paper. When sales dropped off in the mid-40s, CEO Joe Wilson was desperately in search of new business ideas until he made the acquaintance of physicist Chester Carlson. In 1938, they produced the world's first real photocopy created without the use of chemicals. In 1942, Carlson obtained a patent for the latest innovation in electrophotography called Xerography, technology he sold to Haloid in 1947. The company's first commercial photocopiers came on the market three years later. The device, known as Model A, required 39 individual steps and between 2 and 3 minutes per copy. Haloid got its major breakthrough in 1959 with the Xerox 914 model. The first automatic dry copier was capable of producing 6 copies per minute and was leased to customers. Due to the massive success of the machine, Haloid renamed itself Xerox two years later.

In 1970, Xerox produced the world's first colour copiers. In the same year, they opened their famous Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in California. The research facility would be the site of numerous monumental events in technological history. The first personal computer, the first graphic user interface (GUI), the first LAN connection, the first computer mouse and first laser printer were all developed here. Xerox produced the first multi-function device for printing, scanning and faxing, the Document System Centre 20/35, in 1995 at the PARC facility. In the meantime, Xerox has also opened five additional research centres around the world. Current projects include re-colouring technology development, which allows black and white copies of documents originally in colour to be recolorized in their original form using the gray tones of the copy.

Printers, multi-function devices and scanners for office use

Active since 1959 on the German market, Xerox GmbH is headquartered in Neuss near Düsseldorf. Xerox's business model is comprised of 3 pillars: products, services and software. The products division can be subdivided into devices for normal office use and printer systems for commercial printing companies. Xerox's line for office use has the full range of business devices covered. Xerox produces not only basic printers (black & white, colour) in the Phaser and ColorQube line, but also multi-function devices, like the WorkCentre line, for small, medium and large print volumes in the work place. Additionally, Xerox's line of scanners includes stationary and mobile devices, like the Travel Scanner 150.

Exclusive from Xerox: Printers with solid ink technology

In addition to a wide range of laser printers, Xerox has the privilege of being the only company offering printers with solid ink technology. The innovation was the work of the company Tektronix, which was bought by Xerox in 2000. This cartridge-free technology uses ink sticks to produce a higher quality colour print. Since solid ink printers have fewer moving parts, they also tend to have significantly lower maintenance costs over time. They are also eco-friendly as they eliminate ink cartridge disposal issues. The least expensive solid ink printer is the ColorQube 8570, which is capable of printing 40 A4 pages per minute.

For both laser and solid ink printers, Xerox also offers a full line of compatible office supplies for your Xerox devices, like toner cartridges, solid ink sticks and high-quality paper, which can be ordered at a reasonable price from us.