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Develop is a German printer company that has belonged to the Konica Minolta group since the 1990s. Its customers mostly include smaller and middle-sized companies. Develop supplies them with printers, copiers and all the necessary accessories. This also includes software and services in the area of printers as well as ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

The history of Develop

Founded in 1948, shortly thereafter the company introduced the D 10, a so-called flash copier, to the market. In the 50s Develop was already delivering to 87 countries. With the Volkskopierer 33, a very small device for the workspace, the company penetrated into the USA in the 70s. The pioneering work was also maintained in the 80s, when the company introduced the world to the then smallest copy machine in the form of the Develop 10. Shortly thereafter came the first digital copier, both black & white and colour. The new millennium primarily brought Develop new names for its products.

From then on the company focused on the series ineo (black & white) and ineo+ (colour). In addition to the large devices, the company now also sells A4 printing systems for smaller companies and the self-employed. Nowadays Develop primarily focuses on its new system generation from the ineo+ series, which, similar to smartphones, can be intuitively operated and can take over all office communication. More than 300 authorised dealers in Germany ensure the smooth sale of devices, software and services. Furthermore, their products are sold in more than 60 countries.

Develop's portfolio

Today, the company's headquarters are located in Langenhagen near Hanover; previously the company was located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart. Develop's portfolio can be divided into four categories: printers, office products, production printing and software solutions.

  • Printers: These are classical laser printers (black & white and colour) for one or just a few workplaces that can print 30 to 47 pages per minute.
  •  Office products: These are multifunctional devices that can print, scan, copy, fax and run on a large network. The top model ineo+ 754 is a veritable performance wonder. It copies and prints up to 75 A4 pages and up to 37 A3 pages per minute (black & white). In colour it can print 60 or 30 pages per minute, respectively. Furthermore, up to 180 originals can be scanned per minute (colour and black & white). Of course, there are also cheaper devices, such as ineo +650, that are only insignificantly slower.
  • Production printing: These devices can be used to produce photo albums, ring-bound books or photo calendars, for example.
  • Software solutions: These manage and control print jobs and ensure smooth operation.

Naturally, Develop also focuses on new, more modern and better printing systems. You can find all of the compatible toner cartridges and other accessories for all new devices here. But we will not leave you out in the rain if you own an older Develop printing system – we also have ink and toner for such systems.

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