Canon - Printer Cartridges & Toner

The Japanese printer manufacturer Canon has enjoyed a long and successful career as a camera maker, but in addition to exceptional photo prints, the company has left its mark on the printer market as well. Kyosei, which means living and working together for the greater good, has long been the company's motto and approach to business. Canon was officially founded on 10 August 1937. Founders Uchida Saburo, Yoshida Goro and Takeshi Mitarai set out to make affordable versions of the most popular 35mm analogue cameras of the time, namely Leica and Contax. They had been developing the first models for this purpose under the name kwanon. Their strategy proved a successful one, as Canon is now the world's leading camera manufacturer. Canon has expanded its business to include digital imaging products, such as video cameras and binoculars. Printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers and multi-function devices (like the Canon Pixma MG 6250), inks and toners round out Canon's diverse range of products. In 1983, Canon tried its hand at producing personal computers, but with little success. In the late 90s, Canon introduced a laptop with a built-in inkjet printer, the BN22. The paper was fed under the keyboard and came out from behind the screen.

The first Canon printers

In 1970 Canon developed and produced its first copying devices, followed by laser printers, namely the LBP-10, in the later part of the decade. The 1987 CLC-1 was Canon's first successful colour copying system and proved so successful that CLC 350 and CLC 550 were made as updated versions in 1993 with new anti-forgery technology. The printer was favoured by the government for the printing of money. Canon received the Big Brother Award from the Chaos Computer Club after they discovered that Canon colour printers printed an invisible bar code on all colour prints allowing a print to be traced back to its printer of origin. In 2009, Canon purchased the Océ Company, striving to the market leaders in the printing industry. For small home printers though, this change was hardly noticeable. Canon filled a gap in its printer portfolio with the purchase of Océ, but high-volume digital printers for professional use are a far cry from the laser and inkjet printers for private use, where toner and ink cartridges are changed by individuals.

Inkjet, laser and photo printers

In addition to profession printing and copying systems, like the 2012 iF Product Design award-winning Océ VarioPrint DP line, Canon offers 6 printers designed specifically for home use. Canon's own Pixma series as well as the i-Sensys line offer both simple laser printers and multi-function devices with 3-in-1 printer, scanner, fax capability. Thanks to its history, Canon naturally puts a lot of value in high-quality photo prints. For professional-quality photos, the Pixma-Pro inkjet printers are the way to go. The compact Selphy photo printers produce high-quality photo prints in both a 9 x 13 and 10 x 15 format. The printer uses a three-colour system for printing and also applies a sealant in the finishing stages. You can easily order all Canon accessories - like ink and toner refills - online from us with no shipping costs.