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The Philips Company, based in the Netherlands, is well known as one of the most prolific producers of entertainment electronics ever. The company's name is synonymous with innovative design, like the famous Ambilight backlighting for TV sets. Less well known, but of the same impressive quality are Philips printers and multi-function devices, as well as their original accessories like ink and toner cartridges.

Philips Corporate History – the home of technical innovation

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V was originally founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips in Eindhoven. His ambitious brother Anton joined the company four years later. At this time, the brothers focused on the sale of carbon filament light bulbs and by the turn of the century, Philips was the largest producer of light bulbs in Europe. The doors of Philips first research lab opened its doors in 1914, focusing on the areas of radiation and x-ray technology. This proved successful as Philips brought the first x-ray tube for medical use to the market in 1918. This marked the prodigious beginning of what would become a highly profitable industry: healthcare.

Since 1925, Philips has focused itself on TV technology and in 1928 they released their first TV set to the European market. Just one year before they had begun to sell their first radios. By 1932, Philips had produced more than a million radios and was approaching the title of Europe's largest radio producer. Philips began producing x-ray devices in the USA in 1933. In 1939 the company's first electric razor hit the shelves.

In 1950, Philips formed a subsidiary company called the Philips Phonographic Industries N.V. and began producing LPs the same year. Philips introduced the world to something truly new at Berlin's Große Deutsche Funk-Ausstellung (Great German Radio Expo) in 1963: the compact cassette complete with its own cassette recorder. Further milestones include the introduction of compact discs in 1983 and the production of Philips' 100 millionth TV set. In 1995, Philips celebrated the sale of its 300 millionth electric razor. Philips teamed up with Japanese company Sony to bring the world another innovation in 1997: the DVD.

The early 1990s were the starting point for a number of organizational changes within the company, which are in part still underway. The business has focused itself on healthcare, lifestyle and technology. 2002's Senseo coffee machine marked the beginning of a whole new success story for the Philips corporation.

Separation of the printer division – Philip continues to produce quality office products

In December 2002, the company's management decided to spin off its printer division. However, that didn't spell out the end of office products and devices from Philips. The French company Sagemcom, a hi-tech company with 1.3 billion Euros in 2012 estimated sales, bought the rights to the name. The company sold internet access devices (routers and gateways), set-top speakers, digital photo frames and photo scanners from AgfaPhoto, among other things. The company is also a leading provider in the energy, telecommunications and network solutions sectors.

A distinctive feature of Philips Multi-function devices as distributed by Sagemcom is that they are all equipped with a fax function. Sagemcom offers Philips devices which utilize laser printing and thermal transfer technology. All necessary accessories for its machines can be ordered at affordable prices from our online shop.

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