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Photosmart Premium

Colour printouts and scans up to the DIN A4 format are possible with the HP Photosmart Premium. The device also makes it possible to copy in colour and to send faxes. The printer has a duplex unit for double-sided printing and an automatic document feeder. The device works with ink-jet technology and requires four separate colour cartridges and one cartridge with black ink.

The HP Photosmart Premium - universal network printer 

The printer can be connected to a local computer via the USB interface. Due to the fax function it is also possible to connect to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the HP Photosmart Premium can also be operated without being connected to a computer: it has memory card slots for CompactFlash cards (CF cards), Secure-Digital cameras (SD cards), xD cards, and memory sticks. In addition to being able to print on just about all types of common paper formats, it is also possible to use the HP Photosmart Premium to print on specially coated CDs or DVDs. Maximum 50 sheets of normal paper (up to 90 grams per square meter) can be placed in the document feeder. The main paper tray has a capacity of 125 sheets of normal paper or up to 20 sheets of photo paper. The all-in-one printer has the following dimensions: Height: 28.4 cm Width: 46.8 cm Depth: (can be raised to 57.7 cm when the extension is in place). The printer weighs 10.7 kg and at an average printing capacity uses maximum 40 Watts.

Replacing the ink in the HP Photosmart Premium 

The ink cartridges in the HP Photosmart Premium can only be replaced when the printer is turned on. Open the access panel using the blue lever to replace the cartridges. Once the cartridge holder has moved to the middle of the printer, you can individually remove the cartridges from their holder. The safety strips and the orange protective cap must be removed from the new cartridge before it is inserted. The cartridge holder automatically moves back to its initial position once the access panel has been closed

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Gross prices in bold type include VAT. Ranges are given by the manufacturer with approx. 5% coverage on DIN A4