Citizen Cartridges

Citizen made a wide range of printers which started with their desktop dot matrix models, although their main products are now point of sale devices and kiosk printers. The running cost of a Citizen printer has always been relatively low. The Swift model was considered an office workhorse because of this as well as its reliability. In more recent times the company has focused as much on energy use as the cost of their consumables.

Citizen Dot Matrix Printers

These printers are still used for high volume print runs in office environments for items such as month end pay runs or other continuous feed tasks using fanfold paper. The ribbon cassettes have proven to be cost effective when compared to inkjet machines and more suitable for this type of print run than laser printers.
The dot matrix was ideally suited to text printing with its own fonts installed and the top of the range Swift 120 could print at a top speed of 240 characters per second at a density of 10 characters per inch. Although this model is discontinued, there are a high number of them still in use and consumables are readily available. The dot matrix is still one of the most economical ways of printing in an office environment.

Point of Sale and Barcode Printers

Moving away from the ribbon cassette, the latest of point of sale and barcode printer are made with a thermal dot print method. These also carry their own fonts and have a print density of 203 dots per inch. In keeping with their reputation for economical business machines the latest range are energy star compliant which further reduces running costs. The thermal transfer method is also more reliable than previous point of sale (POS) and barcode impact printers, but despite this the use of impact printers is still very widespread and the sales figures of impact POS printers are still strong.