In computing terms, the word ‘drum’ refers to the rotating cylinder in a laser printer that is used to transfer an image onto paper. It does this due to its ability to become electrically charged at the points where printing is required. The drum unit is a consumable item in the same way as a toner cartridge and on some models, the toner cartridge and drum unit are a single item. This is not too cost-effective and latest models will all have separate cartridge and drum units.


Drum units will require replacement when the print quality deteriorates to the stage that it is no longer feasible for normal use or the printer alerts you with a message. Replacing it is a simple process as long as sensible precautions are followed. Firstly, switch off the unit and plug out from the wall. Leave it for at least half an hour to allow hot internal parts to cool down.


Access to the drum unit will normally mean that the toner cartridge (or cartridges if a colour laser model) needs to be removed. Remove the toner cartridge and ensure toner powder is not spilt. If it is, clean up immediately and wash off with cold water if it gets on your skin. Remove the drum. Replace with a new part and repeat the process in reverse. It should be noted that physical strength is not needed to remove these items – do nor force them out as this could damage your device. The drum and toner cartridges will slide out easily if pulled in the correct direction.
Drum replacement is not something that needs to be performed regularly, as you will have used several toner cartridges before print quality deteriorates in any noticeable way. If you are selecting a new laser printer, the cost of replacement should also be considered in order to evaluate the most cost effective solution for your needs. In addition, consider the monthly volume of printing you need in order to estimate the effective lifespan of the equipment. For all other consumables, toner24.co.uk is one of the most popular solutions in the UK.