The word fax is the short form of facsimile, which at times is also known as the process of telecopying. It is the method of telephonic communication that scans and prints important documents and image data. It is also said to be one of the most efficient ways to reach out to any person throughout the world in just a short period of time. All it requires is a facsimile machine, a fax number and a paper to bring it to use.

Basic Features

A facsimile is sent digitally. It transmits any piece of information through an electronic means of communication. If you want to send a facsimile to someone, it is important for the other person to have a machine or a printer as well. It is like the telephone method. You send someone some information through this method and the other person receives it through their machine and vice versa.

In order to send or receive a facsimile, a modem is also required. This is a unit of hardware that generates the signals for a facsimile to be sent or received. With the help of this software, each document is converted to a bitmap image even if it is a text based document or an image based document. The software transfers this imaged information to the machine.


In case you want to edit the converted piece of information, you will have to type the whole document again because once a file is converted into a bitmap image it cannot be reversed and/or edited. As a result, it is always a wise decision to keep a copy of your files that are to be faxed. There are different types of facsimiles that you can send and receive such as a thermalfax and a digital facsimile.

Faxes are widely used in the world of today by companies and in offices. The type of paper they require is a plain, normal quality page which is according to the size of your machine that sends and receives it.