HP Toner and Ink

Printer HP Toner and InkSince introducing laser and inkjet printers to the consumer market in 1984, Hewlett Packard (HP) has established itself as the most reputable and widely used manufacturer of home and office printers in the world. Now, HP printers lead the country in reliable printing supplies and devices – over fifty percent of all printers sold in the UK are HP models. Many different models are available, making them suitable for home, small business and corporations. As a market leader, HP specializes in producing printers of the highest quality at very affordable prices and their products are used in homes, offices and official buildings around the globe. HP also offers other electrical goods such as computer software and hardware, storage devices, servers and networking hardware.

The World’s First Mass-market Inkjet Printer

Introduced in 1988, the HP DeskJet was the first mass-market inkjet printer. Its predecessor was the 1984 ThinkJet but HP wanted to refine the technology. The name DeskJet was chosen to draw a clear distinction from the preceding inkjet printers HP had sold. The DeskJet offered continuous plain-paper printing and higher print quality than its predecessors. It was also the least expensive non-impact printer on the market at the time it was introduced. In 1991, the DeskJet 500C offered color printing. And in 1994, HP introduced the HP OfficeJet personal printer-fax-copier, the world’s first mass-market all-in-one device.

Perhaps the most significant technological achievement in the early days of HP’s DeskJet printer was the creation of a very inexpensive, disposable print head that could be built into the ink cartridge itself. The value and efficiency of a disposable print head is in its ability to guarantee a consistently high level of print quality over the entire life of the printer. The DeskJet developed into HP’s current DeskJet, Photosmart and Professional Series printer lines, all of which are based on thermal inkjet technology. Additionally, HP offers a full range of all-in-one (OfficeJet) and laser printers (LaserJet).

Environmental Efforts

As early as 1991, HP initiated a recycling program for its HP LaserJet print cartridges. This program is extended in 1997 to include HP inkjet cartridges. And in 2010, HP achieves several milestones in its environmental efforts, including the production of more than 1 billion ink cartridges manufactured with recycled plastic and the planet’s first PVC-free printer, the HP ENVY 100 e-All-in-One. Today, HP offers a number of services that allow users to recycle their old toner and ink cartridges. Empty cartridges can either be deposited at a designated “drop-off” retailer or be sent by mail.

HP Toner and Ink Cartridges

HP offer a wide range of printer models to ensure that there is a device to suit every need. Whether for the home, small office or large corporate environment, HP offer printers specialize in handling workloads of all sizes. Each year the company spends millions on researching and developing imaging technology to improve both quality and efficiency of their products and because of this, consumers can be sure that their toner and ink cartridges deliver the sharpest and most colourful printouts.

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