Imaging Unit

The full-colour printers today are known for their multifunction printing. They include an imaging unit integrated with a charger, a photo conductor, a developing unit and a cleaner. With this the whole unit can easily be replaced or changed whenever the need may arise. But the imaging unit and the toner bottles are strategically kept separate so that this unit can be used even if the toner bottles are used up.

The Overall Improvements:

This unit is a vital component of a printer. Many printing companies have been working very hard to come up with an imaging unit with an extended life span. As a consequence, the new service life span of the latest upcoming models of the imaging unit is much longer in comparison to the ones built at the start of the millennium. The printer companies have been able to accomplish this task by making improvements in the overcoat layers of the photo conductor drums and the circulatory mixing path in the developing unit, making alterations in the shape and the size of the electrodes in the charger and by using toners containing lubricating agents. And not to forget, redesigning of the leaning blades of these printers has also played a major role. This extension in service life span has contributed to environmental protection by decreasing the mechanical wastes produced by the unit. The most commendable innovation has been made in the charger of this unit.

The Innovated Charger Design:

Today, the chargers of our modern multifunction full-colour printers use pin array electrodes. The sharply pointed pins of the newly designed electrodes positioned at the photo conductor drum end help charge the photo conductor drum electrically. In the newest models, the chargers use twice the amount of pins that were used in the previous printer models. This ensures that no uneven charges are dissipated. This improves the overall printing quality.