Labelling Solutions

Label makers are a convenient solution for those who rarely have a requirement for label printing but prefer to be prepared to print professional labels as the need arises. Relatively inexpensive, the biggest player in the global label maker market has to be DYMO as practically every household has one of their label makers.

Options for Low-volume Users

In the early days of this market, DYMO offered a practical solution to household labelling requirements by use of a cartridge that produced adhesive labels by means of pressure -embossing your typed content onto a coloured ribbon that could be cut to size. Nowadays, the company has expanded with modern advances in technology, offering handheld and desktop solutions that produce labels in varying colours and sizes. They even produce a product that uses metal labels for outdoor use. In addition, if you have an inkjet or laser printer, it is possible to purchase labels on A4 sheets. These are available in varying sizes and can even be used to label your CD or DVD collection, including the disc, case and inserts. However, for users that require labels on a regular basis, a dedicated solution is necessary.

High-Volume Labelling

For those who require ongoing label printing, dedicated robust solutions are necessary and depending on your requirements, various options are available. Before choosing a label printing solution, consider your requirements. If you are involved in logistics, for example, it may be necessary for your dedicated printer to be capable of printing in multiple formats including 2D, foreign language character sets such as Chinese and images may also be necessary. Many use thermal printing solutions for shipping labels, pallet labels etc. as they are reliable, resistant to water damage and very durable. If you require a printing solution for smaller labelling tasks, choose an appropriate printer and make your selection based on budget, requirements and your findings from online recommendations on printer comparison websites.

Label printing is always necessary and it is crucial to select a solution that complements your activities. Whether it is a simple label maker, a dedicated thermal or laser printer or indeed sheets of labels for use in a standard printer – make sure that your choice is one that will allow you to quickly print labels as you need them.