Photosmart C5180

The HP Photosmart C5180 is a so-called all-in-one printer with which one can scan, copy, and print in up to DIN A4 format. The device is an ink-jet printer with separate colour cartridges and a cartridge with black ink. In addition to office printouts, the HP Photosmart C5180 is thus particularly suitable as a photo printer.

The HP Photosmart C5180 – print, scan, copy 

The printer has five individual ink cartridges in yellow, light cyan, cyan, light magenta, and magenta. This allows for good colour balance in the printouts. The ink-jet printer's resolution is 1200 x 1200 in black & white mode. 4800 x 1200 dpi (optimised) are achieved for colour printouts. In addition to normal paper, index cards and letter envelopes, the printer works with photo paper up to a density of 236 grams per square meter. In addition to the standard DIN formats, a large number of international paper formats and special photo formats are also supported. The HP Photosmart C5180 has a panorama printout function. With this function it is possible to spread a motif out over multiple sheets and to subsequently put them together as a panorama. The device has a width of 44.6cm, a depth of 49.9cm, and a height of 43.6cm when open. The height is reduced to 18.9 cm when the printer is closed. The device's power consumption is 16 Watts in normal printing operation. The printer is connected to the PC either via the USB interface or per Ethernet, which also makes the HP Photosmart C5180 suitable as a network printer.

Supply the HP Photosmart C5180 with new ink 

The device must be turned on in order to provide the printer with new ink. Then, lift the ink cartridge cover on the front of the device and unlock the desired cartridge. The black ink cartridge is easily distinguished from the other five cartridges due to its design. Lock the new cartridge into place once it has been inserted and close the ink cartridge cover.

Gross prices in bold type include VAT. Ranges are given by the manufacturer with approx. 5% coverage on DIN A4