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Mitsubishi Cartridges

Mitsubishi have a range of thermal transfer printers that are often used in industrial or medical diagnostic environments. These printers will transfer high quality images to a thermal paper roll or standard A4 page depending on the application.

Colour Printing

The method of dye sublimation used in the ribbon based printer facilitates thermal transfer of an image for a high quality finish. The colour ribbon on the CP770DW lasts from 130 prints at 160 x 110mm which is ideal for A6 printing, through to 200 prints at 110mm wide x 100mm long which is slightly larger than A7 size, but has a printable area no wider than 100mm. The CP770DW has been discontinued although consumables are still available. The range of colour for this printer is 24 bit or 256 levels for yellow, magenta and cyan that will give 16.7 million colour combinations. The Resolution with this printer is 325 dots per inch

Greyscale Printing

All of the Mitsubishi thermal greyscale printers have 256 levels of grey which can give excellent depth when needed. The print method used by these printers is known as thermal sensitive and the print head provides 325 dots per inch resolution as in the above mentioned method. The new models of thermal printers from Mitsubishi are known as the 'P' range. The latest in the range is the P95DE which replaced the P95DW. As the range has progressed the running costs have been reduced at each stage. The latest model boasts 12% more prints per roll of thermal paper thanks to a system that reduces the waste paper between prints.

A roll of thermal paper allows long prints up to 450mm in length when required by some applications which reduces the need for splicing. Rolls usually come in lengths of 18 to 20m and the 450mm print length is achievable with the P93DW and P95DE, but with the P93E and older models, sizes are reduced to a maximum of 266mm in length.

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